42U Wooden Acoustic Server Rack 640 X 1100

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Orion Acoustic Server Racks provide a cost-effective solution for housing noisy servers and networking equipment within an office environment.

Our range of Wooden Acoustic Server Racks are designed to achieve a stylish and professional look, without compromising on performance and functionality.



Standard Features:

  • Server Cabinet interior lined with specialist Acoustic Foam
  • Wooden finishes available: Oak 
  • 19" Rack profiles front & rear
  • Shipped on heavy-duty twin-wheeled castors
  • External Dimensions are 640mm Wide x 1100mm Deep
  • External Heights including castors: 12U 805mm / 24U 1335mm / 27U 1470mm / 36U 1865mm / 42U 2135mm


The maximum internal usable depth in these cabinets is 820mm.

We strongly recommend measuring all dimensions to ensure the unit will fit in place on site and through any doorways or lifts.