Server Rack Buying Guide

Need help buying a 19" server rack cabinet for your equipment?

Follow our guide to assist with your server rack selection to ensure you find the most suitable rack for your requirements.


1. Calculate the Depth

One of the most important dimensions to work out is what cabinet depth you need as this will determine which range of racks you need to choose from - whether it's one of our Data Cabinets (which are 600mm or 800mm deep) or one of our Server Racks (which are 900mm, 1000mm or 1200mm deep). 

Base the depth of your rack on the deepest piece of equipment you need to house and add on at least 130mm (for FS/VS/SR racks) as the internal racking depth is 130mm less than the external depth. - This calculation will allow you to select the minimum depth rack for your equipment.

Please contact us if you require any help in working out the most suitable cabinet depth for your requirements.

2. Work out the U Height

The next thing you need to know is what U height is required within your rack. Bear in mind that 1U is equal to 44.45mm and many rack-mountable parts are measured in U spaces. If your equipment is not rack-mountable then you will need to buy shelves and cage nuts to sit your items on. We recommend that you measure the height of all your equipment and allow additional space for shelves, cabling and future-proofing to work out which U height cabinet you require.

Please contact us if you would like assistance with working out which rack you will need for your equipment.

3. Choose the Width

The next thing to consider is what width cabinet you need. All 19" rack-mountable equipment is designed to fit into standard 19" racking, however, some installers prefer additional space either side of the racking for cable management.

Please bear in mind that 800mm wide rack cabinets might not fit through standard doorways so we strongly recommend that you measure up on site to ensure the cabinet will fit. Our standard rack cabinets can be supplied flat-packed for assembly on site, if required.



4. Rack Features / Specifications

We offer a variety of different options and features to choose from for your rack cabinet:

Colour: You can choose from standard colours, black or grey, or you can opt for a bespoke colour - just choose a RAL number and ask for a quote!

Door Options: Some of our racks include an option to add a mesh door to the front or rear for added airflow. If you don't see the option on our website just contact us to see if we can add it to your rack.

Flat-Packed: Our standard rack cabinets are available in a flat-packed option for an additional fee. You will see the option to add this on the cabinet product pages. Please contact us if you want a different product flat-packed to see if we can do it.

5. Accessories

The main thing to think about when choosing accessories for your rack is to establish the internal measurements of your rack to make sure your select the right shelf depth or U height for vertical cable management. Our shelves don't include fixings as standard so unless you have your own, you will need to purchase cage nuts separately to fix your accessories into the racking.