15U Tranquilo Rack 600 X 1000

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The Tranquilo Acoustic Server Cabinet range offers unrivalled noise reduction whilst providing maximum heat dissipation.

Designed as an alternative to a stand-alone IT server room, noise-reducing server cabinets are fast becoming the first choice for IT professionals.



  • Tranquilo Acoustic Racks offer up to 95%+ noise reduction.
  • Shipped on twin-wheeled heavy duty castors.
  • Wardrobe front doors as standard
  • Unique IP54 Air inlet
  • Suits all 19" rack-mount equipment
  • 4 x 19" Adjustable mounting profiles
  • 8 x Quiet fans in the 15U rack achieve thermal dissipation up to 2.4KW
  • 16 x Quiet fans in the 27U rack achieve thermal dissipation up to 4.8KW
  • 20 x Quiet fans in the 42U rack achieve thermal dissipation up to 6KW

Please contact us if you require further cooling options. 



For all our racks, we strongly recommend measuring all dimensions to ensure that the unit will fit into place on site and through any doorways or lifts.

The maximum internal usable depth in these cabinets is 820mm.

Actual external depth, including baffle, is 1150mm.

Tranquilo Racks Datasheet