Wall Mount Racks

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  • Wall Mounted Cabinet - WM1

    Wall Mounted Cabinet - WM1

    Orion Wall Mount Cabinets are designed to be quick and easy to install whilst being sturdy and of a smart appearance.

  • Wall Mounted Cabinet - WM2

    Wall Mounted Cabinet - WM2

    As with our WM1 range, Orion WM2 Wall Mount Cabinets are quick and easy to install. They are very sturdy with a smart appearance and offer a wide range of features at outstanding value. These cabinets are available 600mm deep and with removable side panels for easier access.

  • Acoustic Wall Cabinets

    Acoustic Wall Cabinets

    Orion Acoustic Racks provide a cost effective solution for housing noisy servers and network equipment within an office environment. All of our Acoustic Cabinets have been independently tested, and on Psycho-acoustics came out best against others of a similar type.