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  • External Cabinets

    External Cabinets

    Orion provide various sizes of external streetside cabinets to house telecoms CATV or CCTV equipment.

    IP55 with steel construction and a galvanised coating of G300 or G600 providing a rugged and weatherproof housing to ensure maximum protection for equipment.

    PLEASE NOTE: These cabinets are not GRP Plastic enclosures and are not made with an internal zintec grade of steel.
  • IP Rated Cabinets

    IP Rated Cabinets

    Orion IP Rated Cabinets are specifically designed to offer ingress protection in order to protect equipment against dust and moisture. A variety of protection levels are available.

    Bespoke options also available to suit individual requirements.

    Please note that our IP54 cabinets do not include fans as standard so please call us for more information should you require cooling.

  • Air-Conditioned Server Cabinets

    Air-Conditioned Server Cabinets

    Orion Air-Conditioned Cabinets are built using an IP54 cabinet for protection against dust and moisture and an A/C unit is attached to provide efficient cooling for highly effective results.