Free Standing Rack Cabinets

Free Standing Rack Cabinets

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Orion Free Standing Rack Cabinets combine attractive styling with a rugged, durable structure offering a wide range of features at outstanding value.

Depths available are 600mm and 800mm.

Maximum internal usable depth is 470mm on the 600mm deep cabinets and 670mm on the 800mm deep cabinets.

Please Note: 60mm Castors height is included in the cabinet Height below.

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  • Supplied fully assembled - Flat pack available
  • Bolted construction provides easy on site installation
  • Available in Grey or Black as standard
  • Adjustable mounting profiles x 4
  • Excellent security and cable management
  • Toughened tinted glass front door
  • Available heights - 9u to 47u
  • Available widths - 600mm or 800mm
  • Available depths - 600mm or 800mm
  • Shipped on castors which hold up to 75kg
  • Cabinet height includes 60mm castors
Profile Width 19"
Locks & Hinges Front Door: Slam Latch; Side/Rear Doors: Cam Lock
Brand Orion Cabinet
Mounting Profiles Adjustable Front / Rear
Door types Front: 4mm Bronzed Toughened Glass; Optional Steel / Mesh - Rear: Vented Steel Door
Side Panels CR4 Steel - Lockable Doors
Cable Entry Floor; Optional: Top Cable Brush Entry
Ventilation Top Cover rear & sides lower / Fan Tray Optional
Cabinet Load Weight 400 Kg 
Supplied Base Fittings Standard Castors; Optional Heavy Duty Castors 
Flat Pack Option Yes - Optional for £25.  
Colours  Black or Grey as standard. Other colours available on request.
Warranty 1 Year

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FS9-6-6 9U 600mm 600mm 650mm £200.00 Select
FS9-6-8 9U 600mm 800mm 650mm £210.00 Select
FS9-8-6 9U 800mm 600mm 650mm £240.00 Select
FS9-8-8 9U 800mm 800mm 650mm £270.00 Select
FS12-6-6 12U 600mm 600mm 785mm £210.00 Select
FS12-6-8 12U 600mm 800mm 785mm £215.00 Select
FS12-8-6 12U 800mm 600mm 785mm £250.00 Select
FS12-8-8 12U 800mm 800mm 785mm £280.00 Select
FS15-6-6 15U 600mm 600mm 920mm £215.00 Select
FS15-6-8 15U 600mm 800mm 920mm £235.00 Select
FS15-8-6 15U 800mm 600mm 920mm £260.00 Select
FS15-8-8 15U 800mm 800mm 920mm £285.00 Select
FS18-6-6 18U 600mm 600mm 1050mm £220.00 Select
FS18-6-8 18U 600mm 800mm 1050mm £245.00 Select
FS18-8-6 18U 800mm 600mm 1050mm £270.00 Select
FS18-8-8 18U 800mm 800mm 1050mm £285.00 Select
FS21-6-6 21U 600mm 600mm 1180mm £240.00 Select
FS21-6-8 21U 600mm 800mm 1180mm £255.00 Select
FS21-8-6 21U 800mm 600mm 1180mm £275.00 Select
FS21-8-8 21U 800mm 800mm 1180mm £290.00 Select
FS24-6-6 24U 600mm 600mm 1320mm £250.00 Select
FS24-6-8 24U 600mm 800mm 1320mm £265.00 Select
FS24-8-6 24U 800mm 600mm 1320mm £280.00 Select
FS24-8-8 24U 800mm 800mm 1320mm £285.00 Select
FS27-6-6 27U 600mm 600mm 1450mm £260.00 Select
FS27-6-8 27U 600mm 800mm 1450mm £285.00 Select
FS27-8-6 27U 800mm 600mm 1450mm £320.00 Select
FS27-8-8 27U 800mm 800mm 1450mm £325.00 Select
FS30-6-6 30U 600mm 600mm 1584mm £285.00 Select
FS30-6-8 30U 600mm 800mm 1584mm £300.00 Select
FS30-8-6 30U 800mm 600mm 1584mm £325.00 Select
FS30-8-8 30U 800mm 800mm 1584mm £330.00 Select
FS33-6-6 33U 600mm 600mm 1715mm £290.00 Select
FS33-6-8 33U 600mm 800mm 1715mm £310.00 Select
FS33-8-6 33U 800mm 600mm 1715mm £330.00 Select
FS33-8-8 33U 800mm 800mm 1715mm £335.00 Select
FS36-6-6 36U 600mm 600mm 1850mm £290.00 Select
FS36-6-8 36U 600mm 800mm 1850mm £330.00 Select
FS36-8-6 36U 800mm 600mm 1850mm £342.00 Select
FS36-8-8 36U 800mm 800mm 1850mm £355.00 Select
FS39-6-6 39U 600mm 600mm 1980mm £300.00 Select
FS39-6-8 39U 600mm 800mm 1980mm £355.00 Select
FS39-8-6 39U 800mm 600mm 1980mm £365.00 Select
FS39-8-8 39U 800mm 800mm 1980mm £375.00 Select
FS42-6-6 42U 600mm 600mm 2115mm £287.00 Select
FS42-6-8 42U 600mm 800mm 2115mm £297.00 Select
FS42-8-6 42U 800mm 600mm 2115mm £330.00 Select
FS42-8-8 42U 800mm 800mm 2115mm £340.00 Select
FS45-6-6 45U 600mm 600mm 2250mm £345.00 Select
FS45-6-8 45U 600mm 800mm 2250mm £360.00 Select
FS45-8-8 45U 800mm 800mm 2250mm £395.00 Select
FS45-8-6 45U 800mm 600mm 2250mm £390.00 Select
FS47-6-6 47U 600mm 600mm 2340mm £335.00 Select
FS47-6-8 47U 600mm 800mm 2340mm £345.00 Select
FS47-8-6 47U 800mm 600mm 2340mm £395.00 Select
FS47-8-8 47U 800mm 800mm 2340mm £400.00 Select

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